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Inclusivity in Film

So. Yesterday I was sat at my desk wondering how I could go about creating a campaign video that people will actually watch. The topic, which isn’t anything new for me, is something close to my heart as it personally affects me: Captions… or the lack of.

Every day now we’re being bombarded by new video media being thrown at us. And a shed load of it isn’t captioned, so it’s not very inclusive.

We’re (the film industry) taking great strides when it comes to inclusivity and diversity on our screens. What we’re not seeing is the inclusivity for viewers. We’re not seeing accessibility.

The concept behind the film is just that. But it’s done in a way that’s delivering the message without the viewer knowing that they are being lectured. I lead them along a path where they think the film is about one thing, and then BAMN! It’s about the 1 in 6 of us that has hearing loss and needs help in the form of captions.